Donations & Charitable Gifts

Nyere M Aka will provide direct support and resources to Igbo Villages. Leveraging our passion for service with highly specialized skill sets, Nyere M Aka uses a fluid and streamlined process that ensures all resources provided directly reaches and support Igbo Villages. Learn more about us below!

Ihe Anyi Choro Ime  (Our Initiative!)

We’ve created a host of projects based around the community’s major needs. There are three areas of focus wherein Nyere M Aka (NMA) will provide support:

Charitable Giving: Also known as the relief initiative, your efforts can directly impact several villages in Nigeria. This includes clothing drives, toy drives, book drives, and the opportunity to donate technology to the region. More uniquely, NMA will look for opportunities to source goods directly from local vendors in the region when applicable. Unique artwork crafted by local villages for example will be purchased and auctioned in the US to generate funds for additional initiatives. This provides the opportunity to invest in the local economy while responding to local needs.

Cultural Awareness & Education: To ensure that people are equipped with the tools to learn and assist the region, we will conduct transitional programs and initiatives that provide in depth knowledge of the region, language courses, and visitation opportunities to individuals outside of Nigeria.

Infrastructure: We will provide maintenance for community roads and local village churches, introduce new technologies and innovations that improve the quality of life.

 Otu A Ka Anyi Ga Esi Me Ya  (How We Plan to Do it!)

We are a tax deductible, non-profit organization. This approach to service allows us to meet our project demands in real time, unlike the usage of trust funds and scholarships wherein monies have to mature before becoming actionable. However, we are aware that such autonomy can render a bit of reluctance…WE UNDERSTAND! To relieve such fears, Nyere M Aka is committed to providing 100% transparency as per the management and coordination of our projects. Nyere M Aka will provide easy-to-read visuals and documentations throughout each step of our projects’ processes. Furthermore, we have on-ground team members to ensure that all programmatic deliverables are received, properly allocated, and implemented with the quality and integrity intended. This process holds your contributions in high regard and will protect us against the misappropriation of Nyere M Aka’s valuable donations and resources.

  Anyi Choro Ka Unu Nyere Anyi Aka  (We Need You to Help Us!)

The vision of Nyere M Aka is not possible without YOUR support! The community will hugely benefit from the plethora of resources you’re helping to provide them. No contribution is too small! Your donations will help provide the wherewithal, i.e. equipment, technology, shipping, and assembly of goods and services to help Nyere M Aka live up to its name, HELP!

We at Nyere M Aka would like to THANK YOU for your generous contribution!

Annual Contribution

Direct Support

Make a pledge to make Nyere M Aka your organization of choice and donate to our annual projects and initiatives. Make this year impactful for those less fortunate.

Stay involved. No donation is to small. More importantly, Nyere M Aka is committed to transparency. Every donor will be added to our organization's newsletter distribution list.