The Power of Technology - Amuzi 

*Project Update*: NMA delivered! We were able to provide 25-30 donated laptops to the Amuzi Comprehensive Secondary School. The students and village were overwhelmed by the donation. NMA assured the school that this was only the beginning. With your help, we can stay true to that promise. 


Background: The Obowo Local Government Association (LGA) has completed their project to rebuild the Amuzi Comprehensive Secondary School in the village of Amuzi. 

Project Goal:NMA is seeking to provide equipment, supplies, and technology to Amuzi Comprehensive Secondary School located in Amuzi. NMA has already pledged 30 laptop computers for the school. These donated laptops will provide technology access and opportunity to a host of students and future leaders.  Donate today! Remember, all donations are tax deductible

Project Status 

  • 30 Laptop Donation - Complete
  • Phase 2 - In Progress  

Target Amount to be raisedTBD

*Currently looking for equipment & technology donation 

NMA Projects 

Futbol Lives Here - Amuzi

Situation: I was 11 when I first traveled to Nigeria where I was introduced to the world's infatuation with futbol. This was during the 1994 World Cup and Nigeria was beyond psyched. It was the first time Nigeria reached the World Cup - it called for a nationwide celebration. Still experiencing culture shock from Nigeria's way of life compared to my perceived normal life in America, I witnessed an entire country rally and unite to support their people. Literally from rooftops, the country cheered as stars like Emmanuel Amunike & Peter Rufai displayed the greatness of Nigeria futbol. The sport was truly a uniting phenomenon.   

The Big Idea: With the forthcoming arrival of the 2018 World Cup, futbol excitement is back. Nigeria has qualified and presented yet another opportunity to rally the country. As some of the younger generation watch their countrymen perform on the world's stage, they live with the realities that many schools lack adequate futbol equipment and uniforms to cultivate tomorrow's stars. We have an opportunity to easily change this. This holiday season, we are looking to donate 30 uniforms, futbols, and equipment to the Amuzi Comprehensive Secondary School. We are looking for donations in increments of $50. Each donation secures the purchase of 1 uniform. Additional donation will be used to provide additional equipment for the school. 

Your small donation could change the trajectory of today's student athlete;

and tomorrow's star.


Don’t just make a donation this year…make an impact.

Target Amount to be raised$4,300.00

*Donate today! Remember, all donations are tax deductible.